Wanting to save money, reduce airline flight crew extended from three to two. Pilots believe that in this case they can no longer guarantee the safety of flight

“The current conditions of our work is such that we realize that we can no longer guarantee the safety” - has repeatedly told me in private conversations. Head Sheremetevsky union crews, until recently commander of the Boeing-767 of “Aeroflot” Igor DELDYUZHOV - one of the few who are willing to talk about it publicly.

In the domestic civil aviation - an acute shortage of pilots. Very high by Russian standards, wages, increased vacation, extended social package, early retirement, retraining programs - all ready to offer any major deficit frames airline. Nevertheless, the number of pilots each year is decreasing. But at the same time continues to increase the volume of traffic, and therefore to lay down all pilots operating heavy loads.

Almost everything that relates Deldyuzhov, repeatedly denied in his interview with the flight director of “Aeroflot” Igor Chalikov. In response to a formal request, “Novaya Gazeta” the press service said that all of the airline’s legal. Nevertheless, we believe that the facts which will be discussed in the publication, should be subject to inspection authorities. And if it turns out that the actions of airlines is really legitimate, therefore, necessary to change the law.

13 June 2012

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Remember the slogan: “Fly Aeroflot!”. Same honored slogan, like “Read” Komsomolskaya Pravda “But since the Soviet era, much has changed.
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The Brazilian government imposed a tax on foreign loans for businesses maturity of up to two years to avoid an excessive strengthening of the national currency.
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“Today we are witnessing in the production of very real stagnation.
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Apparently, I’m tired to wait for 3G from MTS. Especially when even the MTS modem shows network Megafon 3G.
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Residents of the city of Sverdlovsk region Krasnoturyinsk offered either buy at the market price of the apartment where they lived for many years, or move out into the street.