Luzhkov traded on buckwheat honey

Former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov will soon begin to supply the shops Kalingrada buckwheat. Now the former mayor of Moscow, is engaged in agriculture in Ozersk area. The investor has already paid a production line. This was announced by Agriculture Minister Vladimir region Zarudny.

“At the beginning of the end of April or the first products already go to the shops. At first it will kraft bags of 25 kilos, then - filling one kilogram. The quality of buckwheat have outstanding: it is very large, this is a good variety, and the climate is optimally suited for this culture, “- said the Minister.

Earlier, the governor of Kaliningrad Nikolay Tsukanov said that in 2015 in the launch plant for the production of buckwheat. The new entity would increase the range of products in the stores in the region. Head of the region also expressed the opinion that the price of buckwheat, which the company plans to process Yuri Luzhkov, will be “significantly lower than on imported”.

4 March 2015

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