(Marvelous are Your works, O Lord!) “Naftogaz”: The German company offers gas to Ukraine at $ 300 per thousand cubic meters. m

The German company offers Ukraine to buy natural gas at a price of about $ 300 per one thousand cubic meters, said during a cabinet meeting chapter “Naftogaz Ukraine” Andrew Kobolev, did not specify the name of the company, the “RBC-Ukraine.”

“Now prices in the European Union, despite the greater distance of transit and high costs of Gazprom’s gas supplies to these countries is much lower than the prices demanded by the Russian side. German Ukrainian company offers to consumers, including” Naftogaz of Ukraine ” buy gas at a price close to $ 300 for 1 thousand cubic meters. m “- said Kobolev.

Ukraine May 14 signed a contract with one of Europe’s largest natural gas companies, which will supply gas to Ukraine from Hungary reverse. In this case the name of the European company and contract terms “Naftogaz” does not disclose, citing confidentiality. Starting reverse was to begin on May 21.

Thus, as of May 15 in Ukraine has already signed contracts with two gas suppliers from Europe. One of them - the German company RWE, which is a gas to Ukraine via Poland.

Ukraine also agreed to reverse gas through Slovakia, which is expected to start in the fall. However, “Naftogaz” has not yet signed a contract with the supplier in this field.

16 June 2014

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