10 financial tips from thousands of elderly American pensioners

How to live a long and happy life? This seemingly trivial question renowned gerontologist Karl Pillemer asked 1,000 Americans Seniors (from 80 to 100 years). Answers “experts” formed the basis of the book “30 Lessons for Life”, which became an instant bestseller. In addition to tips on parenting, marital harmony and healthy eating, older Americans also talk about the right attitude to money, career priorities and the balance between work and personal life.

Number 1. YOUTH absorbed earning money. ELDERLY people have questioned SUCH AN OBSESSION

Number 2. MONEY are often in conflict with time. LEARN BALANCING This contradicts


Number 4. YOU WILL BE HALF A CENTURY spend at work at least 40 hours per week. TRY TO GET WORK FROM PLEASURE

Number 5. Taking advantage of new career opportunities

Number 6. Grand tour

Number 7. Required to achieve success not only talented, but and friendly

Number 8. Be economical, BUT DO NOT FORGET TO LIVE

Number 9. Stop worrying about THAT CAN NOT CHANGE

Number 10. Long-term thinking is suitable for investors And no ordinary man

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