“Atomflot”: signed a decree on creating flagship icebreaker

“The Russian government issued a decree № 660 of June 29, 2012″ On the implementation of public investment in the construction of the head of the universal icebreaker. “The document, signed by Dmitry Medvedev, the procedure prescribed in detail the construction of public funding for the country’s strategic nuclear icebreaker of new generation,” - wrote Ruksha in his blog.

The document shows that “the state customer of construction appointed State Atomic Energy Corporation” Rosatom “and the customer (the developer), the Federal State Unitary Enterprise of the nuclear fleet (FSUE” Atomflot “).”

“I can not share the good news that we’ve been waiting a long time” - added Ruksha, stressing that “the decision of the Government in Murmansk - port of registry of the Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet waited with a special look.”

The chapter “Atomflot” noted that “nuclear-powered icebreakers are aging, three of them have already been phased out and require replacement, or in the next few years, Russia may lose an important competitive advantage in developing offshore Arctic latitudes, which has neither a single country in the world.” According to him, “adopted a resolution would prevent such a negative development”. # {Bigimage = 643699}

“The construction of the head of the universal icebreaker capacity of 60 megawatts allocated 36 billion 959.6 million rubles of budget allocations. Financing offers in the current 2012 and will run for six years until I icebreaker into service scheduled for 2017,” - said Ruksha .

He noted that “in addition to budget funding in the order of the Government interested federal executive authorities and ordered to submit proposals to attract extra-budgetary funding sources, based on the fact that it is possible long-term contracts for the provision of services to the nuclear icebreaker fleet and optimization of the tariff regulation of these services.”

“Based on government regulations FSUE” Atomflot “is already posted on the website of the State Corporation” Rosatom “conditions of open competition for selecting a contractor for the construction of the head of the universal atomic icebreaker” - concluded the head of the newspaper kompanii.Kak opinion, in late June, the State Corporation “Rosatom” announced open tender for the construction of the head of the universal nuclear-powered icebreaker, the price of government contract is 36.96 billion rubles.

According to project documentation, the vessel shall be delivered to the port of Murmansk, December 30, 2017 to the pier of FSUE “Atomflot.” The descent of the vessel on the water is scheduled for November 2015, due to begin sea trials in August 2017, and the ice test - in November 2017.

6 July 2012

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