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What reflects novice businessman? The sad thing is only starting togovat on the exchange, they “merge” personal capital within the first 36 hours, each time repeating his main mistake. Neglecting the protection of initial capital.
First rule of defense of seed capital - almost always start trading with the 1st contract, small lots of shares, or the 1st option. Imagine that indifferently what bankroll you have, how many research papers you’ve spent, what outcomes were obtained from historical data. Start with the minimum. Starting with a minimum you enable the method to prove its efficiency before the danger will grow.

27 December 2013

The Office of Social Insurance Fund on Ingushetia are searched - looking to 1.2 billion rubles, while 350 firms found ephemera, 8 machine guns and 12
How to make money on YouTube?

• Why invest in seed funds - a bad idea for investors and why investing with friends - the only way out »»»
1. Venture in Russia. Western strategy to sell the business for billions - piece-work, is rare and, in general, not about Russia.
• Shares of AvtoVAZ and flew for no apparent reason »»»
The capitalization of AvtoVAZ is growing rapidly - only last week the quotations of its shares rose by 73%.
• Russia ranked 123rd among 183 countries in the ranking of business environment, estimates the World Bank »»»
During the year our country has descended on this list at three positions and took the line between Uganda and Uruguay.
• Patience ran out of small businesses (26 May in Russia can become a "terrible day" - will close to restaurants and shops, will cease to drive a minibus) »»»
In an environment of Russian businessmen is increasing protests. As the correspondent of “New Region”.
• During the first quarter of 2011, 23 percent of small businesses have gone into the shadows »»»
Small business due to unaffordable rates on insurance premiums goes into the shadows.