The center of the ground storage of nuclear waste in Primorye is not enough money for taxes

The international system for long-term storage of nuclear waste will be in the Primorye Territory in the Far Eastern Center for the Treatment of nuclear waste. Foreign countries are investing huge amounts of money in construction, but our government imposes high taxes on these funds. Guidance Center appealed to the Legislature with a request for assistance to obtain benefits, RIA PrimaMedia.

In the address of the Legislative Assembly received a petition the director of the Far Eastern center for nuclear waste management (DVTS “DalRAO”) N.I.Lysenko on expanding opportunities for benefit of property tax received in the form of grants of the Russian Federation from foreign countries, to organizations conducting environmental remediation radiation hazardous objects.

On the basis of the federal target program “Industrial utilization of weapons and military hardware in 2011-2015 and in 2020″ in the DVTS “DalRAO” creates a point of long-term storage of reactor compartments from dismantled submarines.

The facility is designed for above ground storage for 70 years, 100 units of the reactor compartments. Completion of the first stage - the fourth quarter of 2012. Funding under construction at the expense of the federal budget and international technical assistance.

In the construction of the complex are interested foreign countries - Japan and Germany.

In accordance with international agreements for the facility under construction DVTS “DalRAO” was delivered equipment worth about two billion rubles. Russia has allocated for the purpose of state defense order of just 58 million rubles. At the same time cost of $ 44 million rubles a year in taxes were not included. Such an amount of the cost structure of a reactor compartment will be 76%. Therefore, the company has to seek the assistance of the Legislative Assembly on the issue of amending the law of the Primorsky Territory “On the property tax organizations,” the possibility of extending the benefits not only for non-profit organizations, but also for organizations engaged in environmental rehabilitation of radiation dangerous objects.

18 June 2012

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