12-year-old boy set up his business and became a philanthropist

At the age of five years, Sam Klein, of St. Louis, Missouri, made friends with the scavengers, who took away the waste from his home, and soon was helping them and traveled with them on a garbage truck (of course, with parental permission). And once the boy celebrated his birthday at the factory for recycling.

When Sam was 12 years old, he opened his own business recycling, collecting used cartridges from local business people and sending them back to producers, pre-packaged in a box, according to 7 News.

In your business boy spends 10 hours a week, and sent to each box can earn up to $ 200. The money he gives to charitable organizations located in the vicinity of St. Louis. The size of his donations have amounted to 1000 dollars.

The young entrepreneur and philanthropist, insists that this is only the beginning. “I gradually bring benefits to society, but I hope that eventually it will become more”, - said Sam.

5 June 2012

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