Mazda will build a plant in Russia engines for 2 billion rubles.

Russian-Japanese joint venture, “Mazda Sollers Manufacturing RUS” gathering in Vladivostok cars Mazda CX5 and the Mazda 6 in the squares “Sollers”, built next to the plant for production of engines.

Today, September 2, at the Eastern Economic Forum signed a special investment contract for the implementation of the investment project for the creation and modernization of the Primorsky Territory industrial engine production for export, and of motor vehicles between the Russian Federation and “Mazda Sollers Manufacturing RUS”.

The document was signed by Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov and senior vice president of Mazda Motor Corporation Yuji Nakamine, according to a press release from the ministry.

The signing of a special investment contract was a key factor in the Mazda Motor Corporation decision on the organization of engine-production in Russia.

According to the contract the investor guarantees an investment of more than 2 billion rubles. the organization in 2018 engine-production capacity of 50 thousand. motors a year, including the location of a number of technological operations on processing of base engine components.

The company plans to organize the production of new engines Mazda Sky Engine, including the machining operation of the engine basic parts. As a result, the project will create more than 600 jobs.

For its part, the Russian Federation will do everything to facilitate the development of the project company in Vladivostok through the provision of government support measures.

“This project - clear evidence of the fact that Russian companies are becoming competitive platforms for the production of motor vehicles and key components as well as integrated into the global supply chain in the global automotive industry In this sense, the joint venture project.” Mazda Sollers “consistent with the objectives of the new strategy of development of the Russian automotive industry to 2025 that prepares the Ministry of Industry of Russia “, - said Denis Manturov.

3 September 2016

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