The government of the Altai Territory consolidate resources for business support

Today we plan to consolidate the resources of regional programs to support small and medium-sized businesses, he said at a meeting with journalists Cheap Eugene, Head of the Altai Territory for the development of entrepreneurship and market infrastructure.

This year for the Altai business, apparently, will be no less challenging than the last, but the regional authorities do their best to compensate for the negative effects of the burst in the country of the economic crisis.

If last year’s business edge under various programs have been invested 4.7 billion rubles from the budget, mostly through the money of the Main Department of Agriculture, is now funding from Moscow is expected less. But there are additional services from the “Federal Corporation for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)”, and “Russian export center”.

In particular, in the framework of cooperation with the corporation will increase lending, attracted under the state guarantees in conjunction with the regional guarantee fund. It is planned to expand the property support for SMEs to form a list of state and municipal property, provided on favorable business conditions for SMEs to increase the share of purchases of goods, works and services from 10 to 35%.

Cheap Eugene spoke about the plans to create a single database of customers list, the range of goods and services. Already defined body responsible for evaluating and monitoring the compliance of certain legal persons in respect of procurement from SMEs. A number of corporate services are planned in the “single window” on the site of the Altai Territory multifunctional center.

Also, the corporation will help businesses to conduct marketing research. To this end, this year it will form a marketing navigator for entrepreneurs Barnaul, next year, such information systems will be created across the country to cities with a population over 100 thousand. Man, that is, they appear to Biisk and Rubtsovsk.

And the information to fill this service mostly already there. “Over the past two years, we have formed in each municipality card requirements demanded for population activities, and later expanded them to business cards, - explained the head of the department -. These are data sets that contain an analysis of the competitive environment in the municipality, to the entrepreneur saw free niches; an analysis of workforce, a list of the free state and municipal property, which the business could use; lists of investment sites;. large-scale projects, including those of the various programs in which business could participate as subcontractors There are list forms of state support at the regional and municipal level and contact details of that sort of activity the entrepreneur need. ”

Business Cards available on the website of the regional administration, they can be used today, without waiting for the creation of marketing navigator.

Despite the authorities’ efforts, the share of shadow business is still great. Expert evaluation of its range from 20 to 35% of the people employed in the economy.

According to Eugene Cheap to output from the shadows conducted comprehensive work: improved forms of state support and tax legislation. Thus, the boundary deputies plan at the March session to adopt tax holidays for newly registered individual entrepreneurs. Works Commission for the elimination of informal employment, which was organized last year in Glavtrude. “You can talk about the interim results of the work, if at the beginning of 2015 68 patents have been bought in the region, at the beginning of this year already 95,” - said the head of department.

When asked what lessons the crisis 2008 - 2009’s, businesses can use the edge today, Eugene Cheap cited the statement of one of them: “When you go on a good road at high speed, and met a pit, it is better not slow down, and rush it.”

“So, - the head of department, -. Better not slowing, not stopping to rush There are difficulties, but there is a desire to work on and, perhaps, who this desire manifests itself more actively, that tomorrow or the day after and take key positions on ANY KIND. the markets. “

17 March 2016

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