Ukraine refused to ban doing business in the Crimea and the prosecution of “perfidy”

Ukraine did not prohibit conduct business in the Crimea, to introduce prosecution for “perfidy” and permits for entry into the peninsula.

These are the main changes in the law “On the temporarily occupied territories,” which examines the Verkhovna Rada today.

It is noteworthy that the consideration of the law began with an incident - it turned out that the main speaker in the hall Valery Patskan missing. Leading deputy Oleksandr Turchynov made the remark and was forced to postpone the hearing for a few minutes.

When Patskan yet appeared on the podium, he announced major changes in the bill a second reading. Primarily eliminated article criminalizing “collaborationist activities”, previously proposed for such actions to punish long-term imprisonment.

In addition, lifting the ban on doing business in the Crimea. “In the occupied not provided regulation of economic activities … We do not prohibit entrepreneurial activity in the ARC,” - said Patskan.

However, as explained deputy Serhiy Sobolev, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine will have to prepare a separate law relating to business and property in the Crimea.

Today in Parliament deputies voted for the abolition of the rules on entry to the Crimea unless authorized by the Security Service and Interior Ministry. Patskan explained that security forces demanded such measures for Crimean citizens without residence permit to track the movement of potential saboteurs. However, the parliamentarians said that millions of citizens of Ukraine in Crimea have a property, relatives, they need to visit the peninsula for treatment, but because the drive with a pass canceled.

“But to control entry and exit must be that there is no out of provocateurs and saboteurs” - said Turchinov.

Interestingly, the deputies did not support the amendment and Alexandra Kuzhel Katerinchuk, who offered to provide to the Crimean Tatar Mejlis status as representative of the Government of Ukraine on the peninsula. “It would have made it possible not to go to Kherson, and in the occupied territory and have the authorities”, - said Kuzhel, but its exotic hall amendment not approved.

In addition, members voted that Kiev does not recognize automatically switch to Russian citizenship Crimeans who lived on the peninsula at the time of the referendum.

Now Hall of Parliament adjourned, then consideration of the amendments will be continued, and then the law of the occupied territories is scheduled to approve the final version.

15 April 2014

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