Syria extends assistance to fruit (started organized deliveries to Russia of vegetables and fruits from Syria)

As the “Kommersant”, began the first organized deliveries to Russia Syrian vegetables and fruits, which should be at least partially replace banned from January to import Turkish products. Importer Company became “Adyg-Jurack”. According to “Kommersant”, it may be associated with the structures of the Year Nisanova and Zarah Iliev, owning in Moscow shopping center “European” and the hotel “Ukraine”. Vegetables and fruit from “Adyg-Yurakov” has come to businessmen controlled wholesale and retail food center “Food City”. Negotiations are going and with the largest Russian retailers.

CJSC “Adyg-Jurack”, recorded in 1993 in Maikop, the beginning of the import of vegetables and fruit from Syria, told “Kommersant” CEO Aslan Panesh. According to him, last week in the port of Novorossiysk came second batch of products - about 3 thousand tons of oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tomatoes and cabbage.. The Syrian side has already expressed its readiness to begin shipments to Russia in December 2015 Oak businessman Amjad said “Russian news service” that is ready to send citrus from Latakia in Russia. However, until the last moment of the delivery to Syria were tentative and were small parties, “b” the interlocutors noted.

Delivery of products from Syria to Russia to “Adyg-Yurakov” deals with the French shipping company CMA CGM Group, said Mr Panesh. “In the beginning we had problems with imports from Syria, - says 61 on.- first container (about 1.2 tons.) Stood in the port for more than ten days because of the incorrect customs documents, which led to a deterioration of the product.” In addition, time is not the customs value of Syrian goods was received, which also delayed the registration procedure. By the time of unloading the second batch of these problems were solved, the containers arrived in the port have been issued for two days, says Mr. Panesh. Now the products are sold through the Moscow wholesale and retail food center “Food City” (owned by the owners of JSC “Kiev area” Year Nisanovu and Zarah Iliev), as well as through several wholesalers in the South of Russia.

According, the sole owner of “Adyg-Yurakov” is Aslan Panesh. But, according to a source “b” familiar with the situation, the company is controlled by the owners of “Kiev area” (Moscow companies, in particular, belong torgtsentr “European” and the hotel “Ukraine”). Aslan Panesh confirmed that the sign of the Year Nisanovu, adding that they share “a good relationship”. Panesh Mr. insists that is the sole owner of “Adyg-Yurakov”. The representative of the Year Nisanova and Zarah Iliev on request “b” is not answered. Another informed source “Kommersant” said that businessmen have “Adyg-Yurakov” partner assistance, such as providing companies rent space at a reduced rate in the “Food City”. If the business is the supply of products from Syria will be established, the owners “of the Kiev area,” can redeem the shares “Adyg-Yurakov” does not exclude “Kommersant” source. If gentlemen Nisan and Iliev will become co-owners of “Adyg-Yurakov”, the company will be a lot of support: from the owners “Kiev area” on a number of development projects have a powerful partner - Ilham Rahimov, which Forbes calls a classmate of Vladimir Putin.

Now “Adyg-Jurack” negotiating the sale of Syrian products to retailers, “Magnet” and “Pyaterochka” (part of X5 Retail Group), says Aslan Panesh. CFO “Magnit” Khachatur Pombuhchan confirmed that network is familiar with “Adyg-Yurakov”, but this company is not a supplier of retailer. “In terms of foreign deliveries, we prefer direct import” - reminded Mr. Pombuhchan. The X5 said they did not know such a company. “Adyg-Jurack” will be difficult to enter into contracts with large networks because of the risks associated with ongoing fighting in Syria, assured the executive director of the analytical center “Sovecon” Andrei Sizov. “In such contracts, the order and delivery volumes recorded by months, not sure that the company will be able to convince the network the ability to abide by the contract,” - says the expert. The main problem now prevents establish permanent imports - poor quality packaging, said Aslan Panesh. But, he said, after six months in Syria to begin the production of modern packaging material: invest in this venture the company intends to “Adyg-Jurack”.

“This will allow us to import weekly 3-4 thousand tons of fruits and vegetables -. Mr. expects Panesh.- plans to increase the volume of imports to 5 tonnes per week.”. He said that the organization supplies the company has already invested more than $ 3 million. Total investment, including the construction of a new packaging, will exceed $ 10 million, the businessman said.

As already reported, “b”, a ban on the import into Russia of vegetables and fruits from Turkey since January this year. It happened after the incident with the downed Russian Su-24 bomber on the Syrian-Turkish border. According to the National Union of producers of vegetables, for 2015 of 2.6 million tons of vegetables were imported in Russia. According to the union, the major importers of vegetables in 2015 were China, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Morocco. Imports of citrus fruits in Russia in 2015 exceeded 1.5 million tons, more than 34% occupied Turkey, about 16% - Egypt, 13% - Morocco. Syria is unlikely to oust the Russian market importers, replaced the Turkish producers, said deputy head of the Center for Economic Forecasting Gazprombank Daria Snitko. Mr. Sizov adds that the planned “Adyg-Yurakov” shipments of vegetables and fruit from Syria in 150-200 thousand tons annually -. Quite a serious figure for a country that has not been represented on the Russian market of vegetables and fruits.

22 March 2016

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