Milk runs (in its supplies could be interrupted)

Members of the dairy market asking the federal government to withdraw the order of the Ministry of Agriculture, which requires them to issue from March veterinary documents accompanying the drinking packaged milk. Unavailability of the industry to comply with this requirement may lead to the suspension of production and cessation of shipments of milk in stores across the country. Execution of the order is estimated to producers, will lead the growth in selling prices up to 10%.

The National Union of Milk Producers ( “Soyuzmoloko”, it includes Danone and PepsiCo) appealed to the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, head of the president Sergei Ivanov and Deputy Chief of Staff Oleg Fomichev Economy Ministry with a request to withdraw the order of the Ministry of Agriculture N648, a registered Ministry of Justice on 17 February 2016. As the letters to the officials (the copy is a “b”), the order requires manufacturers of packaged milk drinking to issue veterinary accompanying documents (VSD) - paper certificates and certificate - for each batch of product produced from March 2016.

For market participants the order to the Ministry of Agriculture came as a surprise. In “Soyuzmoloko” we were told that it “accidentally found” in the base of “guarantor”. “The order was designed without a public debate and adopted with clear violations of … regulatory impact assessment procedures”, - stated in the letters of the union. In the company of PepsiCo (brands “Cottage”, “Merry Milkman”) believe that the order contradicts the law “On veterinary medicine”: for him drinking milk is included in the number of products (eg, condensed milk and butter), in which the IRR is introduced only from January 1, 2018, and only in electronic form.

said communications director Marina Zibareva PepsiCo - “In fact, the production can be stopped and supply of drinking milk in the shops, because none of the participants of the market can not meet the requirements of this document may be terminated in March of this year.” The potential loss of the daily volume of raw milk and products in a locked “Soyuzmoloko” was estimated at 3 thousand. Tonnes. Release of milk from the HDR will require more personnel to thousands of employees, re lines, changes in business processes - production control, warehousing and “partionnogo” accounting, said the director of public relations and government agencies GK Danone in Russia ( “Buttermilk”) Marina Balabanov. Because of this, she said, will increase the price of milk. “If you shift the costs vetsertifikatsiyu in the form in which it exists now, at the cost of the product, they will add to the selling price of about 10%”, - she says. The PepsiCo forecast cost increase of 5,5-5,9%.

The press service of the Ministry of Economy said that the letter from “Soyuzmoloko” the Office has not yet been reported. “Letter seen, it worked out,” - said a spokesman for Mr. Dvorkovich Alia Samigullina.

According to Nielsen, a year in Russia sold 2.4 million tons of pasteurized and UHT milk. The average price of 1 liter of milk fat content of 2.5-3.2% increased by 6% over the past year -. To 47.65 rubles, Rosstat estimated.

Now that the order has already begun to act, factories and shops have to actually work “at your own risk” until literally the first test, says one of the participants in the dairy market. According to him, the violation of the requirements entail an administrative fine of up to 1 million rubles. and the confiscation of goods. Deputy Head of Rosselkhoznadzor (the Office participated in the development of the order) Nikolai Vlasov says that sanctions for non-compliance with the order of this month will not be. At what time they start, the official did not elaborate. Statements that ordered the Ministry of Agriculture has been designed with violations, he denies, pointing out that otherwise it would not have registered the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Agriculture did not respond to the request “b”.

In networks of Auchan, “ABC taste,” “Globe”, “Feed” and “Dixie” reported that have not yet received from suppliers any information about possible problems with the supply - is now shipping are normally.

9 March 2016

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