How to withdraw from a prestigious job and start a startup messed my life

It is believed that the decision to break with a stable job and plunge into the adventure of entrepreneurship - a bold and risky, and these are the qualities that distinguish these startups from the gray mass. But the consequences of such a decision can be very different, sometimes even dramatic - such as the founder of Mesa Ali. Although his story ends happily, it can also serve as a warning to anyone who is inclined to take rash decisions. We publish a translation of his article.

Finally I got the SMS: “Tomorrow, 5 am, flight number AZ610,” Rome, New York. ‘” All SMS, who came to my BlackBerry on Sunday evenings, usually dealing with customers, to which I will go to a meeting in the week.

I worked for one of the three top international consulting companies.

That’s life in the suitcase. Life adviser in which you missing the all and everything except the tables in Excel. Life is tough business for her to train us ideal slaves in the best business schools, whose diplomas, we are proud of.

After a few hours of sleep I was sitting in his personal car and the driver drove me to the airport of Fiumicino in Rome, so that I could fly to New York funky business-class. After the flight, I settled in a beautiful five-star hotel and went to the office of the client. Salary? She, too, was excellent. My company is proud of the fact that she was on the list of firms with the highest salaries in their industry.


But something in this life was not so. I could not continue to endure this shit, so that one day called his parents: “Mom, Dad, I just walked away from their jobs and want to set up their start-up.”

My mother almost had a heart attack. Mother-perfectionist clearly wants to hear that from her son, who was inspired to study at the elite business school and praise for good measure. I tried to ease her blow, but no chance.

“Mom, I hate this life. All consultants pretend to be terribly happy if sitting on special tablets. I was able to sleep 3-4 hours a day. All the bonuses that the company promised me, just do not exist. Do you remember a steep five-star hotel? I work 20 hours a day and I can not enjoy it. Excellent breakfast? I have no time for it. Lunch, dinner? Most likely, this will be sandwich in front of a computer spreadsheet Excel. And by the way, instead of champagne in business class on a flight I enjoyed watching charts. The good salary? I have not had time to even spend a penny of it.

Mom, I hate to live like this, it is a life loser. I do not vizhus Woman, and I no longer bear it. I want to start a business. ”

My parents, by the way, retired after a tedious bureaucratic and stable operation.

I knew that the family business is not history, so that parents will be difficult to explain the situation. But I never expected that my mother would call the next morning: “How’s your business? Grows ?!”.

Never mind that I had not tried to explain to her, she did not realize that business growth need more than one day.

20 June 2015

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