Features of “business” of the revolutionary era - to whom the war, and to whom mother is native

Every day, the media bring joyless news of what the situation takes a turn to lawlessness security officials in Ukraine - in the frontal zone, and not only. Reading about it is most striking that the beyond, Neanderthal, the cynicism that pervades all crimes - like a demon escaped from the depths of the subconscious and Ukrainian, plaque disrupting civilization, decided to recall the blood and horror “Age of Heroes” era of Cossack freemen. Which is known primarily engaged in plunder all around, trafficking with the Crimean Tatars and rampant braggadocio own atrocities.

15 May 2015

Western politicians demand from the EU and the United States, members of the boards of directors and other management bodies of the Russian companies, to leave their posts
Dean of the Moscow State University: Now comes the clinical death of the Russian economy

• As in Russia in 20 years to become a major businessman, or the E-business with a capital E »»»
For 20 years he married, divorced, sat in prison and was the owner of three companies.
• TFR requires defendants to arrest cases in public procurement »»»
Figures of affairs in the field of public procurement will not be able to avoid arrest, citing its status as an entrepreneur.
• Ukraine refused to ban doing business in the Crimea and the prosecution of "perfidy" »»»
Ukraine did not prohibit conduct business in the Crimea, to introduce prosecution for "perfidy" and permits for entry into the peninsula.
• Ulyanchenko build a city of entertainment »»»
Chairman of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Vira Ulyanchenko intends to build in the city of entertainment.
• From Kiev to the Crimea after the Maidan: Italian history »»»
Source: ic.pics.livejournal.com In Kiev he led business: here, he worked in the field of energy efficiency.