Azerbaijan and Russia to join forces in high-tech

BAKU, March 18. Azerbaijan is preparing to participate in the global project TASIM, which provides for the creation of two transnational links from Frankfurt to Hong Kong. South fiber-optic line, uniting the largest clearing houses in Europe and Asia, will run through China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. Laying the northern transit link is scheduled through Russia, Ukraine and Poland. The project will start in 2016.

To date, the field of information and communication technology (ICT) is the most dynamic in the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan - after the construction industry. Beginning in 2007, annual revenue growth of the ICT sector is 25-35%, and at the end of January 2015 the growth rate in the sector of communications and information technology is three times higher than the growth rate of GDP.

In 2013, Azerbaijan launched the first national communications satellite AzerSpace-1, and plans to continue to create their own constellation of satellites: it will have a valid LEO satellite Azersky, used for sensing the Earth’s surface, and telecommunications apparatus AzerSpace-1 - for data transmission, provide digital broadcasting and Internet access. Many Russian companies operating in the space industry, are already showing interest in dealing with such knowledge-intensive tasks.

In addition, in late 2014, the head of “National Centre for Nuclear Research” Adil Garibov said that Azerbaijan intends to build the country’s first nuclear reactor with a capacity of 20 megawatts. Tender for the design of the reactor will be announced later this year. According to experts, in Russia, which occupies a leading position in the global nuclear power, has all chances to win.

Another promising area of ​​cooperation is the Russian production of composites, which could open the way for the formation of Azerbaijan’s own industry composites. From the point of view of the potentially high demand for composites in Azerbaijan allocated priority sectors such as construction, transport, energy, engineering, utilities, oil and gas production, chemicals and petrochemicals. A medical material using the composite implants are created of internal organs for transplantation.

“Both Russia and Azerbaijan, whose economy today is largely dependent on natural resources, it is vital to step up investment in the creation of technology-intensive products and services, - the deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Financial Markets Dmitry Savelyev. - Combining innovative potentials of the two countries would contribute Only the process of introduction of high technologies in production and development of scientific and intellectual human potential. “

19 March 2015

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