A small company “Rosgosstrakh-Life” fabulously enriched in one year

Scandal is brewing in the insurance market of St. Petersburg. The company “Rosgosstrakh-Life” came under the scope of the Antimonopoly Service, which is now investigating the case of the imposition of an unprecedented life and health insurance to borrowers of the Savings Bank. St. Petersburg, who took the bank loans, in fact, blackmail forced to sign insurance contracts crazy amount - from 30 to 70 thousand rubles! For comparison, the same insurance companies in other cities is no more than 6000 rubles. Thus, the modest income of insurance companies have billions of rubles. “MK” in St. Petersburg, “examined in detail the practical experience of how to make money out of thin air.

6 August 2012

In Yekaterinburg, because parking at loggerheads hundred
Britain has invested 264 million pounds in the preparation of athletes for the Olympics 2012

• In Russia, proposed the introduction of a new insurance fee from the wages the employer in case of bankruptcy »»»
Domestic employers may be required to pay another tax to protect workers from possible bankruptcy.
• All students of St. Petersburg will equip electronic maps for the use of which must be paid »»»
Parents of students in St. Petersburg will receive SMS-alert about how their children attend school.
• Dresdner Bank AG buys insurance company RESO-Garantia. »»»
Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia has approved a deal to acquire the German Dresdner Bank AG 50% plus one share of Open Joint Stock Insurance Company (IJSC) RESO-Garantia.
• The Russian company will get half of the banana plantations of Venezuela »»»
Structure businessman Vladimir Kehmana, the parent company JFC (Russia’s largest importer of fruit).
• How to make money on YouTube? »»»
Everyone knows what YouTube (Youtube) - is the largest free video hosting service that allows its users to view, upload and comment on various videos.