After Maidan business got worse, appetite increased inspection

Owner of the company “Incom” and “Datagroup” Alexander Kardakov told Focus that hinders the development of IT-sector in Ukraine and why the campaign in the power business is doomed to failure.

Alexander Kardakov - not one of those who like to save time. Therefore, the interview with the correspondent of Focus businessman appointed immediately after the thesis defense. However, no details on their scientific works Kardakov did not disclose to the question “so protect it?” indifferently throws: “They had no choice.”

Business and the situation in the country - is another matter. On these topics businessman ready to talk endlessly. This is because it is - one of the key figures of the Ukrainian IT-market. In fact, it is only in Ukraine, who were able to put together a millionaire solely on the implementation of high technologies.

In dealing with the press Kardakov always been quite outspoken and never hesitated to criticize the government. But now the indignation of a businessman, it seems, reached its climax. The current government he calls the most incompetent and nostalgic for the “early” Azarov.

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5 May 2015

International investors “Russia released from the penalty box” and consider it a “mainstream”, focusing on high profit - The Wall Street Journal
The Chinese will start to grow in the southern Urals rice and vegetables

• As Russian farmers in crisis in Ukraine »»»
Despite the threat of sanctions, Russian companies have a chance to maintain its position in the Ukrainian and world agricultural markets In the agricultural business should not be a policy.
• Foreign investors have explained to Putin: Russia will be able to create an innovative economy through at least 15 years »»»
Yesterday, a plenary session of the Consultative Council for Foreign Investments (FIAC brings together 42 major foreign companies operating in Russia).
• Medvedev: the state will change the rules of doing business! »»»
Russia’s president read the “Live Journal” post that hinders entrepreneurship in Russia today, and promised that the government will change the rules for registration and business.
• Across the Atlantic with an outstretched hand: Ukrainian delegation visited the US »»»
Kiev to pay debts to creditors, and the United States will maintain sanctions on Russia up to the full implementation of the agreements Minsk - at least so say in Washington.
• Azerbaijan and Russia to join forces in high-tech »»»
BAKU, March 18. Azerbaijan is preparing to participate in the global project TASIM, which provides for the creation of two transnational links from Frankfurt to Hong Kong.