France declared unfair country

France becomes a country that not only loses the Russian market, but popataet in the “black list” of states that do not perform their obligations. About this French businessmen told Le Point.

So well-known entrepreneur Olivia Breeze suggested that either “put France” Mistral “, and in this case the Russian smile, to say thank you, as France has done his job only provider” or “Paris will refuse delivery.” Then Russia also did not have any problems - in fact, the Russian Federation, “four months ago, said that” does not need this ship, “and then only in the execution of the contract. Sell” Mistral “, which is already established Russian equipment (such as the US wants it ) is also possible.

“Failure to comply with the contract for delivery, postponement and extension conditions, according to a businessman to be the worst option,” as Russian convince the validity of their relationship to France, which has attributed to the category of countries that do not fulfill their obligations. ”

“By refusing to cooperate with the Russian, French companies incur significant losses, and their place in the Russian market will take competitors from the West or from Asia,” - added French entrepreneurs, recalling “After the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions cluster left some companies, they immediately replaced the company from India and China. ”

8 November 2014

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