Ukrainian “Berkut” half hour “marinate Bobby” American investor

Rivne law enforcement officers, detaining American investor Isaac Kalikhman, strength, threw him on the hour and a half in “Bobby” without explanation.
According to UNIAN, this at a press conference he told a U.S. citizen I.Kalihman in the presence of his lawyer.

He said the incident occurred March 27 in room hotel near Rivne, where law enforcement officers came to, according to the decision of the court to conduct a search in the office of “Nerudtehprom.”

“The hotel is located at another location, and there is no firm” Nerudtehprom “and a hotel complex for almost six months already owned subsidiary” S & I International, “… I have demanded the keys to the office and wanted to take a cell phone. Then came” berkutovtsy ” snatched a mobile phone and pushed into a police force, “Bobby,” where he stayed for half an hour, “- said І.Kalihman.

According to him, the conflict with the guardians of order, probably arose after two of his business partner (co-owners of “Nerudtehprom”) refused to return him to duty, and later, writing a statement to the prosecutor attempted to misappropriate the joint property, the basis of which make up the hotel complex, and several gas stations.

I.Kalihman reported that almost three hours the police did not allow him a lawyer. Before the American cast of “Bobby,” he managed to tell his wife about what’s happening in the U.S.. It was only after her call to the U.S. embassy issued a police barred him from the car.

29 March 2012

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