Why in Russia does not need innovation. Examples in pictures

Representatives of the Academy of Sciences claim that the institutions of the Academy of Sciences generate a lot of useful development, but the Russian businessmen they are absolutely not interested, because they have other, easier opportunities for profit. Actually, not so much “to cling to the well”, “cling to the budget,” “get on commodity cash flow.” Unlucky ones, prefer to withdraw funds abroad. And no amount of persuasion the government can not change this sad picture, because money, like water, “does not flow uphill.”

22 February 2012

Oleg Deripaska, said that now is the time to invest in Russia, I disagree with him (”Forbes”, USA)
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• Medvedev cover up "kitchen" Forex Brokers »»»
For years, the State Duma of the Russian Federation there are disputes over state regulation of the forex market.
• Korean state fund wants to invest in Russian oil refineries and roads (Korea Investment Corporation became interested in Russian projects) »»»
Korean sovereign wealth fund Korea Investment Corporation (KIC) is considering investing in the construction of a refinery and high-speed rail in Russia.
• Website of the day: Kickstarter - Investments 2.0 »»»
On this site you can collect money from users for the implementation of ambitious projects.
• Italians are ready to invest 18 million euros in the construction of Cardiology in the North Caucasus »»»
Italian investors are ready to invest 18 million euros in
• In Russia, proposed the introduction of a new insurance fee from the wages the employer in case of bankruptcy »»»
Domestic employers may be required to pay another tax to protect workers from possible bankruptcy.