“This outrage was not even in the 1990s” (Ekaterinburg conflict broke out between the business and security forces)

The businessmen asked the Prosecutor General’s Office and the SC with the complaint to the police. Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev went there to check

Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev on Monday, April 23, suddenly descended to the Sverdlovsk region and in the closed meeting, as they say, excoriated the local police. For what? In Yekaterinburg police in recent times no one was tortured, not to kill the detainees in the “monkey”. Reason for “debriefing” was no less serious. Local businessmen are overwhelmed investigators and prosecutors, complaining of corruption and tyranny of the police. Nurgaliyev said police demanded to understand and advise subordinates to behave modestly. “News” traveled to Yekaterinburg and found out the reasons for the conflict.

March 16, the car market, “Academic” suburb of Yekaterinburg.

- Whoa! Powered riot! No one to go!

For a couple of minutes, riot police laid guard and took the whole of the car market operatives gathered in the administration of financial and business records, and began to demand the cause of the founders, says the director of the market Maxim Colonels. Then the police walked through the rows and select the machine, “Here take this, there’s that, that this, too.” They took two Toyota Avensis and BMW X5. They said they will check them for theft.

Polkovnikovo returned the car only after he complained to the prosecutor. Now check the materials submitted to the prosecutor’s investigative committee - addressed the issue of a criminal case.

- We have such an outrage was not even in the 1990s - outraged the director of the market. - This is pure robbery!

Over the last year in Yekaterinburg there was a series of “police raids” on the markets, showrooms and shops, businesses complain of Yekaterinburg in the conversation with “Izvestia”. The biggest scandal associated with the test market “Tagan number” in September 2011. The police seized 120 million rubles, and several tons of goods on the pretext of fighting smuggling. In April, the FSB arrested Sergei Rakhmanov, head of the development of organized criminal groups, local central board MIA. According to the KGB, for a bribe of 14 million rubles, police promised to return to the merchants’ Tagansky number “of the seized goods.

“Looking” from the police

- For all of these raids is “Moscow team,” head of the central board of the local Interior Ministry, Mikhail Borodin - says the fund manager, “City Without Drugs” Yevgeny Roizman.

Borodin, the former head of the police department in South-Eastern district of Moscow headed by a regional police force in 2011. Soon changed direction and the city police. The head of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Yekaterinburg was Igor Trifonov, a former police chief of public security in South-Eastern district of Moscow. His deputy - Fedyunin Alexander, former chief of ATS ‘Vykhino. ” Chief of Criminal Investigation of Yekaterinburg was appointed Vladimir Babakin, a former employee of the Department of the Interior Ministry’s own safety, he became deputy Lieutenant Konstantin Vyalykh ……….

25 April 2012

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