West Ukraine gave less money than the West Ukraine. In the European Union declare that the funds for Kiev they do not have, and the IMF will help only after cutting sotsraskhodov

Contrary to the hopes and promises of the winning Maidan supported its western politicians, Ukraine in 2014 has received from Western countries is less than given. This is the key factor in the devaluation of the hryvnia, and the prospects for improving the situation is very vague.

However, yesterday Ukraine has pleased the European Investment Bank, announced the allocation of our country, the loan of 1 billion euros. However, this amount looks extremely modest compared to made the statement of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that Ukraine needs $ 15 billion in financial assistance, and also warning that the wait of the money from the EU is not: “We will discuss the financial and economic support to Ukraine but we have reached the limits of budgetary expenditures. In the EU budget, there is only a small margin of flexibility for additional funding in the next year. And if we make full use of our stock in Ukraine, we will have nothing to address other needs that may arise during the the next two years. ”

Promised 20 billion euros

About how the West is helping the incident Ukrainian economy, on Tuesday said Yatsenyuk: “We raised about $ 9 billion this year and paid our creditors $ 14 billion.” A day later, these same figures confirmed the Ministry of Finance, explaining that nearly 11 billion went to Western creditors and slightly more than 3 billion - “Gazprom”. That is, during 2014 the West gave Ukraine is even less than the amount required to pay off debts to him though.

Meanwhile, the promises were quite different. February 24, three days after the victory of the Maidan, who arrived in Kiev a big supporter of the Ukrainian revolution Elmar Brok (then chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament) said: “There will be 20 billion euros on the table to reform, and this support will be to provide immediately for prevent a default. ”

Reason not to believe such claims were not: in Kiev have not forgotten that in 2008-09, the IMF has allocated Yulia Tymoshenko’s government $ 11 billion over ten months, although the situation in the Ukrainian economy was not such a crisis as it is now. But in 2014, the same IMF listed the two tranches totaling $ 4.6 billion. That gave rise to Vladimir Putin sarcastic yesterday during the annual press conference: “Money is necessary to pay the Ukrainian people. There is also a fig, no one pays . Money practically do not give. “

19 December 2014

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