Investigation RBC daily: What businessmen sitting amnestied

Economic amnesty will end soon. According to the most rosy projections, it would fall under a little more than 2 million businesses, while the prosecution in Russia affect about 100 thousand businessmen. RBC daily, found a few left on freedom of business people and asked them the simple question - what will the sitting and contrive new business after all, experienced.

The jurisdiction of the license

“I was invited to an investigator. I said Pavel, another case was not closed? President signed the amnesty, and you call me. And he said: I was invited to make paper and to stop this thing,” - says Alexey Riabinin of the Oryol region. He - a typical “beneficiary” business amnesty. Riabinin was producing drinking water without a license and prosecuted for illegal business.

“Water is necessary to all. Maybe that’s why me and miluyut. These wells no one came with perestroika! Imagine, a whole district, 120 km of water networks, 61 wells, 300 speakers - all in need of repair and costs. Column was pulled, disassembled, and there is nothing to collect - all rotted. spare them not for sale, only integer column, “- he complains.

Riabinin engaged in this business since 2008, the case was brought in the summer 2013th - someone wrote a complaint to be working without a license. He faces up to five years in prison and a fine of several hundred thousand, but apparently it did not seek to plant: not taken even on his own recognizance.

Riabinin says he worked at a loss, and notes that in cases of illegal business investigators did not take into account the cost of suspects, taking into account only income. Otherwise, no “large scale” it would not have counted. He says that to obtain production licenses and passports for subsurface sanitary areas required about one million rubles., Which was not. It is unlikely that these requirements were unnecessary bureaucracy - for example, to obtain the passports needed to strengthen the well, in order to avoid getting into foreign waters. “The investigators did not violate the law, I have no claim to them,” - says Riabinin.

The amnesty was announced in July and will last until December. Of the approximately 100 thousand criminally prosecuted employers (not all of them in jail) until the amnesty succumbed to about 1,300 people, of which only a little more than a hundred were in jail and colonies (detailed balance of the number of amnesty and incriminated articles, see www.rbcdaily . ru). The purpose of the amnesty - free from the punishment of entrepreneurs, for the first time brought to criminal responsibility. Obligatory condition of granting amnesty is reparation - it’s not only condemned, but also under investigation.

The MP from the Communist Party, Oleg Denisenko, Assistant Ombudsman Boris Titov to implement the amnesty, told RBC daily, that the cases of those businesses for which will begin in December amnesty procedure will be brought to an end in 2014. He believes that in the form in which it was adopted, the amnesty is successful ………

12 November 2013

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