CBR is not recommended that banks serve clients whose legal address is different from the actual

Banks[/t[t:tag slug=bank]Banks are invited to “exercise the right of refusal” to provide e-banking services to corporate clients, who do not have the same legal and actual addresses. In 2013, the recommendation may become a prerequisite of, say representatives of the banking community.

According to Alexei Tretiakov, chairman of the Small Business Association in the consumer market, and 90% of small and medium-sized city of domicile does not coincide with the actual. The reason is simple: create a business start-up businesses, often with no office.
Experts fear that in the heat of battle with a one-day securities firms could hurt small businesses. Often a company ready to move into a business center, do not change the registered address for one simple reason - it’s long and troublesome. “And if you move a few times, you now, every time the legal address change?” - Alexei Tretiakov amazed. However, the case may be, not only in the firm, as, for example, that a landlord can not provide a formal lease agreement. So entrepreneurs put in the position of illegal immigrants. “A bank is given an extra tool to influence the company. For example, the raider attacks to block the account of the company, whose registered address is different from the actual” - says the expert.

3 August 2012

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