WSJ found out where lost 800 thousand barrels of oil per day (American edition establish the whereabouts of the missing black gold)

The American edition of The Wall Street Journal had caught International Energy Agency data inaccuracy relating to excess oil production. The agency reports more than 830 million barrels of excess crude oil was discovered, a finding which, as claimed by the media, it is not known, but its existence at all in doubt.

The most likely explanation for the disappearance of most of these barrels is that they simply do not - leads edition of the words of an oil analyst at Standard Chartered Paul Horsnella.

IEA spokesman could not say where all the same there are extra barrels of oil and whether they exist at all. For the past two years, the agency reports in their claims record in the last 17 years, an overabundance of black gold.

18 March 2016

The government of the Altai Territory consolidate resources for business support
The webinar, “7 the exact steps in the construction of the system of business,” the owner of the company Vysotsky Consulting Moscow - Yevgeny Frolov

• Brazil, to avoid excessive capital inflows had to impose a tax on foreign loans »»»
The Brazilian government imposed a tax on foreign loans for businesses maturity of up to two years to avoid an excessive strengthening of the national currency.
• Media: Saudi Arabia raised its prices for October deliveries of crude oil to Asia and the US »»»
Largest exporter in the world, the state oil and gas Saudi Aramco.
• Oil and gas companies have canceled projects at $ 380 billion »»»
Since June, against the background of the large-scale collapse of oil prices, NK almost doubled the cost reduction for new projects - from $ 200 billion to $ 380 billion.
• Rosstat proposed to include in the calculation of GDP shady business, as does the United States: drug trafficking, prostitution, counterfeiting, kickbacks and bribery ... How much they can increase the GDP of Russia? »»»
Head of Federal State Statistics Service, Alexander Suriname for the correct calculation of GDP proposed to include in it not only legitimate, but illegal businesses.
• The oil industry needs a new tax regime and more than 7 trillion rubles. investments, says the draft General Scheme of the oil industry until 2020 »»»
For the planned version of the country has already reached a production peak in 2011 will decrease by 2.