JPMorgan plans to create its own kriptovalyutu

The largest U.S. bank JPMorgan Chase has filed a patent application on kriptovalyutnuyu payment system.

Representatives of the banking industry has been actively working on projects kriptovalyuty own, analogoichnymi Bitcoin, trying to integrate this business model in its own financial services. Thus, the largest financial conglomerate JPMorgan Chase recently filed in the U.S. for a patent on “computerized system of payments and financial transfers”, which would compete with credit and debit cards due to lower commissions and convenience.

According to experts, this patent application is directed JPMorgan to create competition in kriptovalyuty, which continues to gain popularity worldwide. In particular, the patent states that the new system will provide consumers with the opportunity to make “anonymous electronic payments over the Internet without revealing his name or account number, and without payment of commissions.” The system will be centralized from JPMorgan.

JPMorgan representatives emphasize a number of advantages of the payment system of its kind in the eyes of consumers. So, it should be cheaper and faster. The banks intend to invite representatives of the business what is not in the decentralized systems like Bitcoin, - control of illegal and fraudulent transactions, as well as protection, says Financial Times.

Also Bitcoin, active players in the market is kriptovalyuty Litecoin, system working on similar rules. Its difference is the lower cost “laytkoynov” and opportunities “extract” them with the use of a more limited computing resources “consumer-level”, in contrast to the need for large-scale systems of power in the case of Bitcoin. With the increasing popularity Litecoin, is likely to grow and the rate of the currency, which will open space to create other similar kriptovalyut in the future.

According to Anton Pavlov, head of department on work with the retail segment “Absolut Bank” for kriptovalyutoy future of Internet payments and trade. “If we talk about the possible promotion of the service, now in these matters very much controversy. This, above all, issues of anonymity - all calculations kriptovalyutoy completely anonymous, but whether anonymous transactions that offers JPMorgan Chase, and whether information is open, say, for the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) - is unclear. Personally, I have serious doubt it. Kriptovalyuta attractive is the fact that the chain “payer - payment recipient” anonymous “- said the expert.

18 December 2013

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