Prayer as a business: What is the money earned by the saints

Oil, hotels, trading and begging. This is the main business types of business, which as such, de jure is not. To manage cash flows in the bosom of Holy Church, it appears, even created a special structure.

The top of the income of the iceberg ROC reveals one of the publications on this site It appears to steer their cash flow even church created its own Center of investment programs.

“It’s done with the blessing of the Patriarch of the implementation of economic programs of the Russian Orthodox Church in the agricultural and hospitality industry”, - said chairman of the Center Helen Shulgin.

In the near future - the construction of large-scale hotel-residential-office complex in Tver, $ 10 million, construction of the Bogolyubov meadows near Vladimir, which will cost a little less. Experience in hotel industry in the ROC pretty solid.

If true biblical truth that the rich much more difficult to get to heaven than the poor, the representatives of the ROC there clearly are looking for. The church operates hundreds of businesses across the country.

“It’s not just about church benches and candle factory. Back in the 90s the Far Eastern Diocese of the local authorities have preferential quotas for the production of crab and salmon, and engaged with God’s help in fishing. At the same time the ROC has become one of the founders of JSC” International Economic Community “(MEA), which was soon carried away the export of petroleum and petroleum products, yielding two and a half billion dollars in profits each year. And when, in Yekaterinburg Orthodox opposition rebelled against attempts by the bishop to control financial flows jewelry factory, which belonged to one of the monasteries, they trumpeted” world “that diocesan administration for the month show a” touring “sacred by some miracle, felled about 130 thousand bucks.”

According to the resource, the holy fathers, and learn new business. For example, earn on insurance. People bought insurance companies in particular - for him and even a prayer in the church will make.

“The defenders of the rights of consumers have complained that the church created the largest network in the country” illegally selling gold and silver jewelry. “Until recently, the ROC could be imported duty free into the country liquor and cigarettes. But even today the benefits of the priest, no less.
Specifically: the church (in whole or in part) is exempt from income tax, transport, property, land …”, - says the publication.

8 July 2011

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