Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea offered amnesty for the Ukrainian business period

“There were decisions on nationalization, we do not hide, but it was a political decision. They are made. Everything else should be amnestied and give people easy to do business,” - said Nikolai Janaki.

Simferopol, August 21. / Correspondent. Alexey Konovalov TASS /. Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea, Nikolai Janaki proposed to introduce an amnesty for businessmen for all offenses committed in the Ukrainian period. He said this at a meeting in Simferopol.

“I would like to offer an amnesty for all cases that have been in the Ukraine. There were decisions on nationalization, we do not hide, but it was a political decision. They are made. Everything else should be amnestied and give people easy to do business”, - quotes agency Janaki Kryminform .

Vice Prime Minister also proposed to keep records of illegal actions law enforcement and regulatory agencies with respect to small and medium-sized businesses. As an example, he cited the closing of the agricultural enterprise by the decision of the newly appointed head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the city. “One of the leaders of the Interior Ministry said one of the cities that found that from 1999 to 2001, one of the village council was allocated a plot of land is not entirely legitimate. That is, people have 15 years of state certificate, are 15 years of operation, and today all of a sudden some boss MVD seemed to her that they are illegal. He makes a decision to inspect the building and premises of the company and to withdraw the original land development projects - a scandalous facts “- said Janaki.

As stated at the meeting of the Minister for Open Government Mikhail Abyzov, responsible for overseeing the business in Crimea, despite the transfer of powers to local, federal agencies should be held. “If Rostrud or, for example, Rospotrebnadzor believe that transferred powers implemented bad, it is primarily a problem of the federal agencies,” - said Abizov. He stressed that “the problem is the implementation of quality control and supervision activities in the federal district of the Crimea - a problem of territorial bodies, which transferred the powers, and especially the government of the Russian Federation.”

About Rostrud claims and Rospotrebnadzor the meeting said a member of the Expert Council under the Russian government, to study the situation in Crimea, Oleksandr Bragin. “Rostrud refers to the large number of complaints about non-compliance with the rights of labor relations in Crimea and Sevastopol,” - he explained.

In the Crimea and Sevastopol in the new regions of the Russian Federation carried out an experiment on the transfer of supervisory powers to local authorities. At the end of June this work started five of the nine bodies of executive power.

21 August 2015

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