“Fifth Column” in the United States: as a business lobbying protection against sanctions against Russia

West introduces an all-new sanctions against Russia, but suffers from not only Russia, but also to Western business. The past 20 years, American and European firms to establish relations with Russian partners and mastered the local market, based on its huge potential. Ukrainian crisis has jeopardized the interests of Western business in Russia. But the company did not give up and look for workarounds to keep the Russian market.

“Our” lobby in Washington

Many American companies are already in late March to begin consultations with the authorities of the United States on the subject of Russian sanctions, although at the time prohibitive measures were introduced only in relation to individuals, according to documents available on the basis of the disclosure of lobbying activities of Congress. In II quarter more and more companies began to lobby for issues related with increasing sanctions against Russia.

Interaction is mainly carried out with the Congress - the House of Representatives, the Senate, the specialized committees. In addition, the Company shall consult with the State Department, the Department of Commerce, Office of the trade mission, the National Security Council and other American authorities. Corporations are required to disclose their lobbying activities in Washington, but only in the most general terms: for example, they point out that the object of their interest are “sanctions against Russia” or a specific bill on sanctions. Details of the lobbying efforts, tend to remain behind the scenes. How much does specifically lobbying in Russia is impossible to say: as a rule, hired lobbyists involved in the whole range of issues at the same time, reveals only the total remuneration for the period. We have the largest corporations and state lobbyists.

RBC studied published in the open access lobbying disclosures and found out who are concerned about sanctions.

5 September 2014

Anglo-Dutch Shell abandoned investments in Ukraine’s GTS
Russia-China investment fund buys stake in “Children’s World”

• German businessmen met with Lavrov in Moscow and Shuvalov »»»
Moscow, November 5 was visited by a delegation of business circles of Germany led by the chairman of the Eastern Committee of German Economy Eckhard Cordes.
• British business asks the government to review anti-Russian sanctions »»»
Russia - a country of great opportunities, and limitations do not bring benefits to the British, the entrepreneurs are assured.
• Trade unions of the United States: The Russian business is to take America to the WTO »»»
Representatives of trade unions of the United States in writing
• Business will ask the state to $ 90 billion in the case of sectoral sanctions »»»
Russian Economic Growth could accelerate in the third quarter of this year, however, likely that the new sanctions would deprive Russia of this possibility, experts predict "RenCap"-NES.
• Canadian business asks you not to impose sanctions against Russia (Pork Producers are afraid of losing their third largest market) »»»
Association of Canadian pork producers Canada Pork International (CPI) appealed to the Government of Canada with a request not to apply economic sanctions against Russia.