Oleg Deripaska, said that now is the time to invest in Russia, I disagree with him (”Forbes”, USA)

There is an inconsistency between the Board of multi-billionaire on where and when to invest, and a recommendation on the same theme of a man who writes for a financial magazine. Strange as it seems, but not a “golden boy” of the Kremlin, I know about investing money in Russia than Deripaska.

Oleg Deripaska, one of the leading Russian businessmen, warned Europe that the “rich times” are over, and that Russia is becoming a new member of the World Trade Organization opened new opportunities for British business.

This is his point of view, and he has every right to it. However, I would argue just the opposite. The situation in Russia has worsened and will continue to deteriorate. It is so bad that I now completely refuse to supplies from Russia and to change them for the delivery of their other locations.

I work in and with Russia (ie, have set out materials) for 15-plus years. I know how to behave (as a polite word) in the mobile environment, the Russian business. At a time when here and there and have to pay extra (not a bribe, heaven forbid, an Englishman now do things prohibited by law, and this difference compared with the past, when a bribe will be deducted from taxable income). I know how to find advantages in such an economy (essentially, how to become an expert in this case). I know how you can survive, even in the chaos of the 1990s.

And yet, I refuse all of their supplies from Russia, because the work in this country today is just too unpredictable. It may shock those of us who are over blameless and sinless, but the business is very easy to cope with corruption. He is able to survive even in the stupid and idiotic laws. He can get along with incompetent officials, to cope with the terrible conditions in the work of transport. He can overcome all that can be overcome. But for him it is essential that all these things were predictable.

In Russia, the business environment is very capricious. Today you do not know what rules will apply tomorrow. In this country the business environment, as such, is simply absent.

A colleague of mine said this a little differently. When the demise of communism Western businesses began to operate in Russia, everyone knew what was necessary to give a bribe to have a roof and so on. But all that existed in the form of an organized scheme. And it has existed in many ways for people to start to ignore the half-insane rule of the communist era. Today, people have to give bribes to have the roof (whose main task for you to solve all these issues), so that all comply with the law. And you never know who will pop out of the casket next to the new rules and regulations, for which again have to pay.

I can give you an example. Having paid all taxes, export duties, making paperwork, we can not at this time to take out materials without the many delays and delays that last for weeks …

3 January 2012

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