Municipal raid in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

According to the businessman Elena Zaitseva, “Municipal raiding” has recently become very common in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Starting work at the Council on combating corruption, the woman only recently received three complaints from traders who believe that their business is robbed, with the active participation of city officials and members of the city’s Assembly.

According to Elena Zaitseva, are now preparing the documents for applying to the courts and law enforcement agencies about the seizure of a nightclub in the city center, the restaurant at the Border and similar establishments on the street Sakhalin:

- In all cases, driven out of business for many years occupied the premises in violation of existing laws.

We remind myself Elena Zaitseva April 1 lost cafes and dining in the hotel “Moneron” - early in the morning CBM, which owns the building, blocked the door with CHOP, holding staff. According to the municipality, the entrepreneur is no pre-emptive rights for the privatization of these facilities, and it is a few years underpaid for rent. The very area of ​​the hotel in 2200 square meters is now privatized by transfer of a total of 14.8 million rubles.

- July 2, a meeting of the Court of Arbitration for my claim to the CBM of illegal deprivation of access to my dining room and cafe. We also challenged the refusal of the police in the prosecution of a criminal investigation into the arbitrariness of the hotel management, it is now brought back to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The premises are still lying in our things, but we’re there now and do not relocate - we want to wait for adequate law enforcement response and get back with them to commit the theft of money and things my friends and staff - said Elena Zaitseva.

19 June 2012

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