Iran, along with Russia to build two new nuclear power plants

Tehran, in cooperation with Moscow to build two new nuclear power plants, according to Shana news agency referring to the representative of the parliament committee on national defense and foreign policy Seyed Hossein Hosseini Nakavi.

According to him, the parliament said the need to ensure Iran 20 thousand megawatts of electricity, which will require the construction of ten nuclear power plants.

Organization of Iran’s Atomic Energy prepared a plan for the construction of power plants. Since at the same time to build ten sites is not possible, it is on the agenda is the construction of two power plants.

The first block of the first nuclear power plant “Busher” in Iran, unfinished via Russia, was connected to the national grid in September 2011.

In November 2014, Iran and Russia signed a number of documents, expanding cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy and opening the possibility of building a nuclear power plant in Iran, eight units on Russian technologies. In addition, at the same time a contract was signed for the construction of Russian design nuclear power plants of the second stage of “Bushehr” of the two blocks.

15 August 2016

Anti-Russian sanctions: Fear of their desires
Miller, “Gazprom” has increased its gas exports to the EU by 22%

• Western politicians demand from the EU and the United States, members of the boards of directors and other management bodies of the Russian companies, to leave their posts »»»
Foreign executives working in Russian companies, including state-owned, the home asked to give up work in Russia.
• China invests in the construction of two new power plants in Siberia »»»
Much of the electricity that will generate future power plants, will head for export to China.
• US gave Russia another high-tech market (the United States were forced to let the Russian corporation on nuclear fuel market, because it is not able to create a critical technology ...) »»»
While patriots and enemies of Russia together and concentrated overturned Rogozin said that Russia.
• Putin: Russian ASEAN satisfy demand for hydrocarbons »»»
"At the next level you need to display and interaction in the fuel and energy complex.
• The United States began to buy Russian nuclear fuel (TVEL company Rosatom signed the first contract for fuel for US nuclear power plants) »»»
TVEL Fuel Company signed an agreement with one of the nuclear power plant operators in the United States the first contract for the pilot operation of Russian nuclear fuel "TVS-Kvadrat".