Customs officers seized power game coats cost $ 10 million

MOSCOW, March 27. In Moscow, the customs control zone stormed a crowd of 30 people. They took the party coats cost $ 10 million

Told “Rosbaltu” a source in the Russian special services, Moscow Customs conducts operation “meh.” As a result, the exhibition and sale in “Crocus Expo” was discovered 3 thousand coats, which did not have the necessary documents. The cost of each such coats ranged from $ 3 thousand to $ 150 thousand, and the price of all goods seized exceed tens of millions of dollars.

In SCC decided that deal with smuggling and detained all the goods. Dubious products SCC staff piled into one of the compartments of the pavilion “Crocus Expo”, he was surrounded by a green ribbon and declared the customs control zone.

In the evening, there came a representative of one of the secret service, called the actions illegal customs, after which the customs control zone stormed a crowd of 30 people. In the ensuing battle injured two inspectors of Customs Protection Moscow customs Ivan Laptev and Dmitry Skvira. Stop attackers succeeded when riot police arrived at the site of SCC. By this time of “Crocus Expo” unknown endured seized half coats.

27 March 2014

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