Trade Representative of the Russian Federation: the Spaniards can help us to build good roads

- In this situation, Spanish companies continue to invest in the Russian economy?

- The current geopolitical situation creates an atmosphere of uncertainty, additional risks sanctions expectations of business. Nevertheless, Spanish companies do not stop their work in Russia. For example, the largest Spanish oil company Repsol in June last year opened two new fields in Western Siberia, using innovative methods of drilling. At the inter-governmental commission in June signed a memorandum of cooperation between Gamesa Electric and group companies “Solar Energy”, “Grinmaks”, “IRC power holding”, which deals with production of equipment for wind and solar energy. The company in terms of sanctions, the difficult economic situation in Russia has expressed interest in entering the Russian market. But here we are waiting for changes in the Russian legislation. The company do not just go to the market: it must be clearly understood that its investments in production equipment will be justified and claimed.

- What is the problem of the legislation?

- We have enough power generation is cheap compared with other countries, and the production of alternative sources of electricity - more expensive. The Spanish company asks to reduce the percentage of localization (ie, used in the manufacture of components purchased in the Russian market) - now it is 65%. Currently such changes in Russian legislation are discussed.

- Which regions of Russia can we talk?

- Alternative energy sources can be used in remote locations - where the transmission line is not profitable to pull. Wind energy - especially eastern areas, sun - can develop in the southern regions.

18 July 2015

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• Henkel has transferred the production of construction chemicals from Estonia in the Leningrad Region »»»
German company Henkel has launched a new production of construction chemicals in the Leningrad region.
• EBay has decided to expand its presence in Russia, despite sanctions »»»
American company EBay, providing services in the areas of internet auctions, reported willingness to expand their own presence on the Russian market, despite sanctions.
• Canadian business asks you not to impose sanctions against Russia (Pork Producers are afraid of losing their third largest market) »»»
Association of Canadian pork producers Canada Pork International (CPI) appealed to the Government of Canada with a request not to apply economic sanctions against Russia.
• Korean state fund wants to invest in Russian oil refineries and roads (Korea Investment Corporation became interested in Russian projects) »»»
Korean sovereign wealth fund Korea Investment Corporation (KIC) is considering investing in the construction of a refinery and high-speed rail in Russia.
• Dean of the Moscow State University: Now comes the clinical death of the Russian economy »»»
Doctor of Economics, Dean of the Faculty of Economics of