China will invest in the development of resorts in the North Caucasus $ 3 billion

The Chinese company plans to invest up to $ 3 billion to the development of resorts in the North Caucasus, the chairman of the board of directors of “Resorts of the North Caucasus” Ahmed Bilalov.

“Our colleagues came to the republic of Dagestan, in the city of Derbent, Sochi, Arkhyz, Moscow - and we have signed today an agreement to invest $ 3 billion,” - he said, “Interfax”.

According to him, major investments will be made in the area of ​​the Caspian lowlands in Dagestan, where it is planned to create a free economic zone, as well as the cities of Sochi and Arkhyz.
“Our colleagues are also interested in investing in the Moscow region, Moscow and Leningrad regions,” - he said.

For its part, the head of Federal Tourism Agency, Alexander Radkov said that Beijing also signed a framework agreement on cooperation between Rosturizm and the State Administration of Tourism in China.

“This document defines the strategic direction of our cooperation in the near future. Main goal that we set - an increase in tourist flows by more than 30%,” - he said.

5 June 2012

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