The world is undergoing an ideological crisis: whether to continue to tolerate capitalism or is it better to abandon it?

The crisis through which runs the world today, is now properly called a “financial crisis”: everything has gone much further. It is a systemic crisis, that is a crisis that undermines the whole system, namely capitalism. The fact that capitalism - an ideology. It is the belief that the sum of individual interests is in everyone’s interests. However, such a proposition is erroneous, and it proved facts and figures.

This lie, or, if you like, an illusion, whose victims were all of us with you, gradually giving way to realize the real situation: we can clearly see that the current system is not working. That’s why all the economists of the world can not do anything about it. And that is why it is absolutely vain hope of returning to feed economic growth, jobs and profitability, capitalism finally dropped off the face mask and presented for everyone to see their own immorality.

I have no time (April 2010) tried to explain how the current economic situation is complicated, because the whole world is beginning to realize that in an economy to one thing - it means to take away from the other. Citizens no longer trust the system and especially its representatives. And they’re right. Because of the economy both opposing camps play in the game exclusively capitalist platform, and it’s the system against each other two proposed we look at the situation, that is protectionism and free trade. While the real world sheds light on the limitations of not only one or the other of these two options, but the whole system.

It follows, and the growing chasm between what people want and what they offer their leaders: one way or another, capitalism can not meet the general interest, both in the free trade area (here BRICS and other developing countries will ultimately prevail over the so-called ” developed “countries) and in terms of protectionism (here the” historic “power to impose their vision of the rest of the new system of global governance: the European Union and the U.S. Empire, with the IMF, and possibly its own new currency, which can restrain the growth of the power of” developing “countries .) However, which side do not take it, this system will still elevate some over others, and this causes the discontent of the people.

Today, in front of all stands a very important question to answer which alone a new “European empire” would not be able to. It sounds as follows: whether to continue to tolerate capitalism or is it better to abandon it?

It follows from this and another problem that can follow capitalism?

The answers to this question relate to rather than the economy, and philosophy. We need to build a new ideology and other problems concerning the social life of human beings, so if needed the money, what is democracy, what are the real needs of people and so on?

8 November 2011

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