Russian business does not agree with the assessment of low productivity in Russia

Russian business representatives do not agree with the assessment of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which considered that in Russia the lowest labor productivity in Europe.
Recall the other day the press reported from the OECD that per man-hour in Russia made $ 25.9 in the product, which is less than most “lagging behind” in Europe, Latvia ($ 27.6) and Poland ($ 29.7 ), almost one and a half times less than in Greece ($ 36.2), and half the average of the eurozone countries - $ 55.9. Calculating productivity, representatives of the OECD based on the fact that the Russian employees spend at work 1982 hours a year, second only to Greece in Europe (2034 hours per year).
However, these data do not reflect the reality, experts believe the Russian market. Thus, according to Mary Barkhatova, personnel director of O2 Group, to produce such an estimate, the figures should be compared comparable, for example, based on the performance of the employee per hour. “In different countries, the proportion of working time in a year - vacillates. It is also important that the proportion of the working population in Russia is less than in Europe - we have people retire earlier. Therefore, the information from the OECD is not entirely correct,” - says Maria Barkhatova .
However, an insufficient degree of automation of production can also be a factor in poor performance. However, the rate of increase in productivity - on the first place among the tasks of top management of Russian companies. Thus, in the O2 Group share payment performance for office employees and workers at construction sites. “Office staff work in the system of management by objectives - Head sets targets and deadlines - says Maria Barkhatova. - At construction sites performance is considered for all types of work. The workers receive a salary that is calculated on the amount of work performed, for example per cubic meter monolithic works. Consequently, the more a person has made, the more you earn. ”
The most common method today counting performance in Russian companies - systems of working time office staff electronic pass. “This system allows employees to calculate and control the processing of a timely arrival and departure from work,” - explains HR director of O2 Group.
The company used a variety of options for employee motivation - from premium to the letters of appreciation.

Group O2 full cycle includes five divisions: the developer O2 Development, Project Office “O2 Design” broker “O2 Real Estate” and general contractor “Story-resource.” Diversified structure enables to provide a full cycle of works from site selection and building design to sales of finished real estate. O2 Group is interested in launching new projects in St. Petersburg, in the development of other regions, as well as the development of new areas as part of its structure.

7 September 2015

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