Investments and “pravoseki”

How are Leps: “The best day came yesterday …”? Well, it was. The morning began with a search in the center of knowledge and evaluation of the Prosecutor General with a statement that it is threatened. Then he discussed the deputies are going to put the GPU. Knocks the teeth on the district in Chernihiv. In the evening, when all is not yet caught “Mukachevo pravoseki” sat down to dinner in the bush, their supporters gathered on Independence Chamber and declared the liberation campaign against the henchmen of the “revolution dignity.” Finally, on the avenue Kurbasa robber fired at passers-by. Day to increase the investment attractiveness of Ukraine was bright …

Just a week ago Vashintone Ministry of Economic Development and Trade presented the video of the attractive investment opportunities that Ukraine has today.

A beautiful movie. The emphasis placed on the fact that we have highly qualified specialists, a wide network of transport hubs, advanced IT, agricultural, industrial, energy and aircraft sector. They say that the younger generation of leaders - are the strengths of modern Ukraine.

If any Western businessman was led on this ad blizzard and rushed to Ukraine yesterday, he would not have regretted. This show will not show in the movie. The whole day was an illustration of the video sequence, the Americans seem naive, but marked “vice versa.”

Educated people, you say? Well, yes, diplomas we do very well. Almost like in Tunisia. They also have a higher education in almost every spice merchant. Because they “Woe from Wit”: samoszhigayutsya first, then the “Arab Spring” satisfied, execution ends with tourists. Scheme debugged.

But let’s return to the motherland. So, the movie is not lying. Intelligent young person is definitely present. However, as shown by a search of the Center for Educational Quality Assessment, the knowledge and estimates have questions.

However, potential investors who could alarmed and asked: “What all the wise men, who showed us in the video, they actually Losers?” Advance calmed investigative journalists.

22 July 2015

Bloomberg called Russia the best of the BRICS countries for investment in 2015
Financial Times: The worst is behind for Russia

• China since March, will monitor foreign investment »»»
The new body will oversee the fact that ongoing foreign companies mergers and acquisitions do not threaten national security The new body.
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Founder of Acronis and Parallels Sergey Belousov about what Russia is attractive for business process and the government's role in its development.
• Yesterday's searches in the Moscow office of the Hewlett-Packard associated with setbacks ... PGO »»»
Yesterday’s searches in the Moscow office of the Hewlett-Packard have been associated with the setbacks managers to Russian officials in the sale of computers.
• As Russian farmers in crisis in Ukraine »»»
Despite the threat of sanctions, Russian companies have a chance to maintain its position in the Ukrainian and world agricultural markets In the agricultural business should not be a policy.
• ADB infrastructure investments (ABII) will allocate 50 billion dollars for Russian infrastructure projects under the concept of "economic belt of the Silk Road" »»»
ABII total capital of which is $ 100 billion, created on the initiative of China to finance infrastructure projects in the framework of the concept of "economic belt of the Silk Road.