Virtual reality comes to business!

Whichever comes first - the virtual game tightened us and our wallets to the network or there is a genius who pulls all the passion and drive into reality? Every day business strictly competes with online games for your attention and efficiency of the staff. That materialize as a powerful energy that give millions of daily combat in the virtual world - pumping heroes, the acquisition of new tanks and battle with incredible characters?

But what would happen to the world economy,
if people with the same fervor doing the work?

Company “PR Star” (, employment in PR on the Internet, has opened a completely unique design for their managers. Structure of online games has been moved to the company management, and has already achieved meaningful results - such as the doubling of turnover, as well as other indices of success of the project.

Please note that this is not about fun badges and avatars in the work program, which, of course, may vary workdays, but the big profit business does not bring. We are talking about real competitive game-control method organizational structure of the company - when all significantly expensive, changing lives for real.

The project is now under the close supervision of authoritative experts Prize “HR-brand in 2014.” Is it possible to introduce this unique method in the world economy, if the results are so significant - time will tell, but in the meantime for the company said the first winner of the Big Game, which is the second month the company holds in its hands:

4 April 2014

Customs officers seized power game coats cost $ 10 million
Ukraine refused to ban doing business in the Crimea and the prosecution of “perfidy”

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