British business asks the government to review anti-Russian sanctions

Russia - a country of great opportunities, and limitations do not bring benefits to the British, the entrepreneurs are assured.

British businessmen have asked the UK authorities to revise the sanctions against Russia, namely, “to overestimate them in terms of costs and benefits for trade and investment flows” between the two countries. The relevant written request of the Russian-British Chamber of Commerce took up the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Commons (a copy of the document is at the disposal Life).

business letter is a recommendation of the British government, which should enter into the House of Commons report to Cabinet on the subject of what policy to choose the authorities in relation to Russia.

- The document will be used in the preparation, - said the press secretary of the Foreign Affairs of the House of Commons committee Estelle Currie. - The report itself will be published in October or November this year.

Businessmen asked the authorities to assess the impact of the anti-Russian embargo “on the competitiveness of UK companies and the City of London on the international market.” And offer to revive the Russian-British Intergovernmental Committee on Trade and Investment, which was in force before the Ukrainian crisis, or “create a new body with the same objectives.”

The Chamber of Commerce also advises “effectively communicate” British company “about business opportunities that still exist in Russia, in spite of the sanctions.”

Employers recalled that “in 2013, Russia was the 14th largest trading partner of the UK’s export and 16th - on imports.” In the same year, Russia has become the second volume of export direction - outside the EU - for the production of English cars, which accounted for 9.5% of the total supply volume.


The Chamber cites data according to which to the Ukrainian crisis, the volume of mutual investments between the two countries amounts to tens of billions of pounds.

- However, in 2014 the trade turnover between Great Britain and Russia declined by 21%, and the trend has continued in 2015 and into 2016, - have complained in the letter business.

- The task of our structures - to promote trade between the two countries, and, of course, we are interested in the fact that these sanctions would not benefit them not, - said director of the Life of the Russian Federation of the Russian-British Chamber of Commerce, Alan Thompson.

He also hoped that the removal of restrictions contribute Breksa.

- And small and medium-sized businesses are very optimistic about the impact of Breksita by eliminating the restrictions that were present for the European market, which makes the prospects for growth, - said Thompson. - And in our best interest to pay attention to the British companies in Russia.

At the same time, he said, “the existing conditions for doing business in Russia are interesting even with the sanctions.”

Thompson noted that today in Russia about 600 British companies, the most notable of whom work in the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, construction machinery and oil.

Russian senators are hoping that “common sense will prevail” and the British government will listen to business.

“The trend is that many European countries have deep thinking, and if they were, these sanctions are necessary. What do they get from them? Do they have changed the course of Russia? No. influence our policy? No. They tried us to slow down? Well, probably, tried . But nevertheless failed to break the pieces of our economy, in spite of all the dreams of Mr. Obama and even the British -. closest advisers Americans - thinking, perhaps it makes sense to all of them actually see what they have benefited from these sanctions and we lost “

28 July 2016

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