Breakthrough: hi-tech-investors in Russia were allowed not to create legal entities

The President signed into law a new organizational form for the creation of venture funds. Now for the collective investment companies and entrepreneurs will not have to organize a special legal entity.

Today, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed the law “On investment partnership” (the full text of the Federal Law) - a new legal form, which will allow investors to join to share their money into projects without legal entity.
By law, individuals or companies wishing to co-invest, it is necessary to conclude an appropriate agreement. It must be prescribed by the contributions each partner and the manager is defined (control comrade). The number of participants is limited to fifty of such contract.

Manager partnership must keep records of income and expenses, and tax records, for which he receives remuneration. At the same time managing comrade, unlike the others, can contribute to the company not only money but also property, and other professional knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as business reputation.

29 November 2011

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