General wildness and the dry residue

June 10, 2008 one of the most outstanding senior managers of our time, Miller, told the audience at the European Business Congress in Deauville quiet respectable public that “within 7-8 years” Gazprom “will be the world’s largest public companies with capitalization of $ 1 trillion. “. Unfortunately, it must be noted that less than a year before the designated target period, leader of the Russian energy market is estimated at $ 68.9 billion, down from the time of application to the bright 5.6-fold.

March 21, 2013 another successful entrepreneur, Igor Sechin, announced that the company “Rosneft” completed the acquisition of TNK-BP, becoming as a result of the absorption of the largest oil company in Russia. Attractive for Russian-British asset was paid a total of $ 55 billion in cash and securities. According to the results of trading on the London Stock Exchange last Friday, the combined company was estimated at $ 49.9 billion, or more than 10% lower than the part of it which was acquired talent and a half years ago.

November 28, 2014, the Russian stock market in recent weeks heroically “bounce” from a critical milestone on the RTS index closed still below the symbolic level of 1,000 points, showing a five-year low. The total capitalization of all Russian companies reached $ 467 billion, which is one-third less than estimated in the same day, the most expensive companies in the world, the famous Apple. Note that a situation where the entire Russian market would cost less one company leader, was not observed for ten years now, since 2004

Meanwhile, recently everything was just fine. In the spring of 2008, when the country has not yet had time to get involved in any international conflict, and the activities of President Medvedev excitedly talked about modernization and innovation breakthrough, the ratio of the market valuation of listed companies on the Russian stock exchanges to the Russian Federation’s GDP in 2007 reached 131% which is more than double the figure in Italy (51%) and Germany (64%) and approaches the value of the UK (141%) and the USA (144%). However, even then it was clear that the Russian economy is not all wonderful - but much less well things adequacy assessments of domestic companies.

Investors are actively investing in Russian assets, focused, first, on the fact of reference to the notorious Russian BRICS, the members of which were considered in the first half of the 2000s, the best target for investment; and, secondly, the extent of the Russian economy and growth rates, suggesting its transformation after 7-8 years in the major economies of Europe. Both were largely in advance, but this advance look incredibly attractive.

5 December 2014

Matvienko has proposed a moratorium on tax increases for businesses
Business! Know your place!

• Leading U.S. investment fund bought depreciating Russian stocks »»»
One of the largest investment companies in the world Pacific Investment Management Co (Pimco) took the drastic reduction in the cost of Russian companies to start buying them.
• Russian internet startups per year received $ 1 billion investment »»»
Investors invested in 2011 in the beginning the Russian Internet company about $ 1 billion they were twice as more generous than the previous year.
• Russia ranks eighth worldwide in terms of public funding of innovation »»»
Russia came to eighth place in the world for public funding of innovation, said President Dmitry Medvedev meets with young scientists and entrepreneurs, which is held in Skolkovo.
• Barclays Bank could lose in investing in Russia half a billion dollars »»»
Barclays expects the loss from the sale of a subsidiary bank in Russia, if we agree to supply candidates for the Russian “Barclays”.
• Analysts forecasts for lower growth rate of US GDP due to a reduction of investment and labor market indicators have disappointed. To complete his second term on a positive note, Obama will not work »»»
On Friday, June 3, the latest statistics published by the US labor market.