Matvienko has proposed a moratorium on tax increases for businesses

The head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko proposed a ban on raising taxes for business, citing the difficult conditions of work in conditions of economic sanctions.

“We need, in my opinion, the moratorium in these conditions to increase the tax burden on all businesses,” - said Matvienko to pass in the Federation Council of the parliamentary hearings (quoted by TASS). She also stressed the need to ensure business availability of financial resources and rapid translation of the Russian economy to a model based on “internal sources of growth.”

“Sanctions and a significant weakening of the ruble not only created problems, but also opened up significant opportunities for internal development” - explained Matvienko, noting that “we are talking about a wide range of industries including high-tech center.”

According to the head of the Federation Council, in solving this problem the state must rely on the help of private capital.

Last week, the State Duma adopted a draft law on the introduction of a Russian merchant fees, which are offered to impose trade organizations and leading trade individual entrepreneurs, except for those who found it more profitable to buy the patent.

24 November 2014

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