TFR requires defendants to arrest cases in public procurement

Figures of affairs in the field of public procurement will not be able to avoid arrest, citing its status as an entrepreneur. Such amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code prepared in the Investigation Committee.

“The essence of our initiatives to a point where they say banning arrest for crimes entrepreneurs amendment” and the crimes committed in public procurement “- confirms the source of RBC daily in the TFR. According to him, the Office unhappy that most of the budget is stolen through tenders and criminals feel almost invincible: the courts do not arrest them, investigators take with them on their own recognizance, and they escape through Ukraine or Belarus.

Now Part 1 of Art. 108 Code of Criminal Procedure (”Detention”) prohibits arrest for crimes in the field of entrepreneurship, which is in a special unit resembles the Supreme Court in the decision of the plenum “On the practice of courts of law on preventive measures in the form of detention, house arrest and bail” (see RBC daily from 11/27/13).

5 December 2013

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