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Today II East Economic Forum official partner of the event is the company ALROSA several interesting investment projects.

Diamonds in the center

A key project of the company - a new trading platform “Eurasian Diamond Center”. The decision on its creation has been fixed at a meeting with Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet - the presidential envoy in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev this winter. But the idea was born for a long time. Even last fall, Yuri Trutnev announced its intention to open in 2016 in Primorye Diamond Exchange. “Prescribed” Diamond Centre as a result of the territory of the Free Port of Vladivostok.

Now the lion’s share of large transactions with precious stones is on the stock exchanges in Antwerp (Belgium) and Tel Aviv (Israel). And considering that Russia sells diamonds per year for 2 billion dollars a year and ranks second in the top 5 sellers of countries, the creation of such a platform in our country more than natural. It is no coincidence the place of its deployment selected Primorye - region of the country, as the closest to the domestic producer of diamonds, as well as their main consumer. “Vladivostok logically fits into the framework of trade relations between Yakutia and China than, for example, Antwerp”, - said Yuri Trutnev.

Of course, when you create a Eurasian Diamond Center, we experience the world’s leading trade centers of precious metals and stones, as well as the center of design of such products, operating in the “daughter” of “ALROSA”, “Diamond World” in Moscow.

49.6 billion rubles of taxes paid by ALROSA in the budgets of all levels in 2015

Souped trading platform without exaggeration be called a diamond cluster. After all, here in addition to the rooms for the sale provided for registration of all trades “turnkey”. Created Burglar increased storage, customs office, international gemological laboratory, rooms for staff of the controlling authorities, insurers, representatives of carriers specializing in the transportation of high-value goods, Gokhran, and other precious stones treatment of market participants.

There are exhibition and manufacturing area. In the first, you can choose vending items and then get an expert opinion, and the second will give an exclusive stone cutting and etc.

In the current economic climate for attracting investment can not miss a single opportunity. And just such an infrastructure cluster, according to the Diamond Center founders, will allow for regular trading precious stones, which in turn will increase the rating of Russia on the international market and will increase the inflow of capital investments in the infrastructure of the Far Eastern region of the country.

President of “ALROSA” Andrei Zharkov said that Vladivostok opening of the Diamond Centre in the long term will increase the direct sales of rough diamonds into the country several times in the Asia-Pacific region. Now the company is in talks with a number of Asian companies on possible cooperation in the Far East, explains the opportunities that are created within the framework of priority development territories (TOR) and the Free Port of Vladivostok, to attract foreign businesses to participate in infrastructure projects in Russia in general and in the Far East specifically.

On the way to millions

The next project - the development of new diamond deposits “Upper Muna” on the territory of Yakutia. The reserves of subsoil is estimated at more than 38 million carats. Translated into more than the usual inhabitant units, it is a little less than eight tons. For deposits of precious stones - a great indicator. “Upper Muna” consists of 4 kimberlite pipes with total reserves of about 65 million tons of ore. The development will be carried out by open method.

In this project ALROSA will invest nearly 63 billion rubles. But it’s worth it. After all, the potential tax revenue and contributions from the project alone is estimated at 46.4 billion rubles for ten years, of which 15.5 billion - to the federal budget. the project’s contribution to the gross regional product amounted to almost 6 billion rubles. This will create more than 700 jobs. Commissioning of the diamond company is scheduled for 2018, output at full capacity - by 2019 th. Harness the “Upper Muna” is planned until 2043.

strong union

Also in the pre-investment stage of the project is the development of iron ore deposits “Taiga” (reserves of 3.5 billion tons, suitable for open-pit mining) in South Yakutia. Licenses for its development received a Mining and Metallurgical Plant “Timir”. MMC owns four licenses for the extraction of iron ore in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), with total reserves of 3.5 billion tons, suitable for open pit. The main shareholders of the company are EVRAZ and Alrosa.

appropriate expertise and received a positive opinion, conducted research on ore washability, confirmed reserves held procurement procedures already been approved by the Central Commission for Field Development of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use in the technical project, carried out. Completed the first stage of the design development Taiga deposits of iron ore, the project has received all necessary approvals.

The total investment in the project is estimated at 16-17 billion rubles, implement it is planned in two 2 years. Iron ore products (iron ore concentrate, pellets, direct reduced iron) from Yakutia will be available both on the metallurgical enterprises of Evraz Group (the second shareholder of MMC “Timir”), and on the markets of China and Southeast Asia. The project is actively supported by the federal and regional authorities.

Active investment activity ALROSA is not only in the Far East of the country. Thus, the gas assets of the company include “the Urengoy Gas Company” and “Geotransgaz” that hold licenses for the exploration and development of gas and gas condensate fields in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

Diamond cluster will increase investment in the region’s infrastructure

“Geotransgaz” developing license areas Valanginian gas condensate and Cenomanian gas deposits on the territory of the Coastal deposits in Purovsky area. The company signed a three-year contract, “Rosneft” on gas supply. By 2018, “Geotransgaz” plans to increase the number of operating wells from 22 to 36. This will ensure that the annual production of 2.3 billion cubic meters of gas and 320 thousand tons of gas condensate.

A “Urengoy Gas Company” is now engaged in the development of Ust-Yamsoveyskoye field bordering the western part of the Intracoastal. Extraction of raw materials there is not conducted, as the project is in the stage of exploration works. The investment program provides for the start of drilling exploratory wells, the performance of the comparative feasibility study everything Cenomanian deposit (to select the field development options), the beginning of the development of the Cenomanian and Valanginian deposits, geological analysis of the Achimov and Jurassic deposits. The long-term development program up to 2025 is aimed to increase the resource base and field development.

“Petrel” soared

The development of scientific and production enterprise “Petrel”, included in the group Alrosa - another promising project of the company. Based in St. Petersburg, “Petrel” at the end of the 1950s, releasing devices and equipment, including used by enterprises of the mining industry for the enrichment of diamond and mineral raw materials, studies of the structure and composition of substances and materials. Its products have gained prominence due to its reliability and high quality. The production of “daughter” ALROSA become the leading research institutions and large industrial enterprises of Russia and other countries.


ALROSA - Russian group of mining companies with a leading position in the industry and having the world’s largest diamond reserves. The share of ALROSA accounts for one third of reserves and a quarter of the volume of production of the world diamond market. A key area of ​​activity for which the main aim of the company’s strategic efforts - exploration, mining, processing and sale of rough diamonds.

The main activities are concentrated in two regions of the Russian Federation - Yakutia and Arkhangelsk region and on the African continent - Angola, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

The share of the diamond segment accounts for about 90 percent of total revenue.

2 September 2016

Lavrov: US wants to “plant” the European Union for its gas and expensive infrastructure
Mazda will build a plant in Russia engines for 2 billion rubles.

• The oil industry needs a new tax regime and more than 7 trillion rubles. investments, says the draft General Scheme of the oil industry until 2020 »»»
For the planned version of the country has already reached a production peak in 2011 will decrease by 2.
• Henkel has transferred the production of construction chemicals from Estonia in the Leningrad Region »»»
German company Henkel has launched a new production of construction chemicals in the Leningrad region.
• Rosnano invest in drugs for AIDS, hepatitis C and Cancer »»»
The Supervisory Board Rosnano approved the project on the development of innovative medicines.
• U.S. moves to its own oil »»»
Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Statoil to invest billions of dollars into the development of previously inaccessible to large oil fields in the western United States.
• Oil and gas companies have canceled projects at $ 380 billion »»»
Since June, against the background of the large-scale collapse of oil prices, NK almost doubled the cost reduction for new projects - from $ 200 billion to $ 380 billion.