Popular profession in 5 years

As in the current labor market to choose a profession that will vosterbovanna after 5 years. Which college do, in what specialty? How not to be mistaken with a choice, because after VUZ’a profession may not be relevant?

17 June 2011

The most profitable investment
How to start a business from scratch?

• In the labor market, new job »»»
In April, compared with March, 15 per cent increase in the number of vacancies in the labor market between the two capitals.
• Were evicted blocks. On the streets throwing thousands of people. Many of these laws can not help »»»
Residents of the city of Sverdlovsk region Krasnoturyinsk offered either buy at the market price of the apartment where they lived for many years, or move out into the street.
• Who to be? Choice of profession. Blog at about an interesting ... »»»
As the “hot period” final and entrance examinations or “fashionable” uniform national examination - the question “who have” acquired special urgency.
• Traditional work and the work itself: the main ideas »»»
Lack of self-discipline affects the choice of method of work.
• EBay has decided to expand its presence in Russia, despite sanctions »»»
American company EBay, providing services in the areas of internet auctions, reported willingness to expand their own presence on the Russian market, despite sanctions.