HSE experts: disaster in Ukraine’s economy will not be if the aid will come quickly

Among the many apocalyptic scenarios for the future of Ukraine appeared and one positive. Ukraine’s economy will avoid a catastrophe, according to a periodic review of the Development Center HSE “New KGB (Comments on the state and business)” for March 8-21, which published a special study on Ukraine.

Forecast is based on the fact that the fall of the economy in 2014 would be uncritical, and already in 2015, a slight increase can begin, the study cites “Interfax”.

“As a result of the deterioration of relations with Russia, Ukraine may be under pressure while several negative factors: rising gas prices, the devaluation of the hryvnia, the decline in domestic and external demand. Than it threatens the Ukrainian economy and what its growth prospects in the short term? Our calculations show that catastrophe will not “- said the Center for Development HSE.

25 March 2014

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