Top managers and HR-director of the Urals discussed investment in human capital

In Yekaterinburg completed Business Forum “Investment in human capital as a guarantee of success in the market,” organized by ANCOR personnel holding in partnership with “3M Russia.”

In the Ural 3M customer center gathered the first person of the largest companies of the Urals, to discuss current issues of effective personnel management.

Business forum on human resource management for the first time took place in Yekaterinburg. According to organizers, these events took place before, but a business forum of this magnitude was the debut not only for Yekaterinburg, but also for the entire region. According to Alexei Mironov, director of strategic development ANCOR, this is of great interest due to senior managers and representatives of HR, the amount of which at the business forum was more than 100 people.

Relevance of the meeting organizers and experts explained that human capital index in Russia today is very low compared to Europe and Central Asia. The demand for skilled workers is growing, and it is said that every year the business will need a new influx of personnel.

Experts Forum noted that the need for good employees is growing faster than they have time to appear. “The demographic crisis in Russia, marked this year, reflected on the amount of the active population.

Despite the fact that the birth rate exceeds the death rate now, it does not affect the labor market, as the age limit for companies now need people born in the 90s, and it was then that the demographic situation in the country was the most deplorable, “- said Alexey Mironov, director of strategic development ANCOR.

According to experts, the volume of the working population in Russia every year reduced by 1 million people. This leads to the fact that the choice of employers becomes less and it comes to the fight for talent. Even last year, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that productivity in Russia is not high enough. Indeed, according to official figures, Russia is currently 78th out of 122 countries in their ability to attract talent and retention of qualified personnel - 95 place.

The forum participants noted that to solve these problems in two ways: to organize the necessary training within the company to new employees and to create an environment as close as possible to the needs of talented candidates.

“It is important to retain staff and to involve them in all business processes of the company. Necessary to teach a person to be responsible for themselves in any position. Should not advise others how to make it better, it is important to start with yourself,” What I can and want to do better and qualitatively to new projects launched by the company earned in full force, “- said Alla Tishova, Director of the Urals 3M customer center.

During the forum, top managers and representatives of the HR-direction able to discuss strategic opportunities for HR and identify several areas of the companies that will, according to experts, to attract new qualified personnel. Organizers of the meeting called its main result the opportunity provided by HR and senior managers to engage in dialogue, share experiences and listen to attracting staff positions each representative frame chain.

25 November 2013

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