Investments in the country - investment in freedom

22 of October. FINMARKET.RU - Cottages in Russia has become one of the social brands regardless of size and objectives of ownership, says study author Andrew Russian dacha phenomenon Treyvish, which is published on the HSE website.
According to the estimates given in the article, only the gardens, collective and individual in the country, there are about 14 million. Taking into account the various country estates, this figure increases to about 17-20 million. This is how the author writes of country studies, making Russia “global flagship suburban traffic “. In particular, in the United States of “second homes” (and this definition fit and garden) - about 5 million.
The researcher, in particular, values ​​listed truckers that are associated with the motif of the second possession, a seasonal housing.
Firstly, this recreational and environmental values, “the sun, air and water,” the quality of extra-urban environment.
Second, the cottage - it is always an investment in the future.
Third, is the retirement lifestyle away from city hassle. Often retirees leaving the country - it is a way to mitigate the conflicts within the generations. In general, investment in freedom.
Fourth, the cottage may cause nostalgia - as “small homeland”, memories of childhood.
The fifth value - agricultural potential dachas. Plots are in the nature of agricultural and fishing help (fruits and vegetables - from his garden, berries and mushrooms - from the surrounding forests). As in the 1990s, and now the private farms are a source of livelihood: this “natural economy” and the provision of products for sale. Hence - the abundance of gardens, small “areas under potatoes,” patches of land fenced with tiny little houses, for example, along the railway.

22 October 2015

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